10th Anniversary Show

10 years together and we're still making music, so we had a party. On Oct. 13, 2012, we packed The Abbey in Orlando and played an all-new set of the music that inspired us.

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At the Clubs

There's nothing like taking a bar full of people and turning it into an audience. And when they get wild, we get wilder.

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Opening for Yes

In March 2011 we opened for Yes for WMMO's Free Downtown Music series. It was an amazing 5 hours of music in front of thousands of people in downtown Orlando.

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Festivals and Events

Festivals, charity events, any time there's a crowd and a stage we're good to go.

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Acoustic Shows

Every year we give an acoustic show at the Dexter's of Lake Mary. It's our Thanksgiving Eve Unplugged show, and we perform acoustic versions of our usual playlist plus some extra favorites.

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